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We are the class of 1960. In our time we have contributed much to our nation, our communities and our families. We've done it as health care providers, farmers, ranchers, artists, airline pilots, flight attendants, champion dog breeders, building trade journeymen, educators from nursery school to graduate school, even a dean of a college. We've been business owners and have served in all branches of the military. We've worked in law enforcement, information technology, radio, television, the motion picture industry, sales, and speech therapy. We've also been bakers, secretaries, writers, editors, bankers, accountants, restaurateurs, lawyers, biochemists, scientists, engineers, housewives and, yes, a rocket scientist, too. Somewhere in our class there may be a ski bum, card shark or even an inmate, but we haven't identified them yet!

We have traveled the globe, from the South Pole to the North Pole and just about every continent in between. From these travels we've brought back experiences of the cultures we visited to add to our individual and family's knowledge base. We live in almost every state across the nation, in three foreign countries and yes, some of us never left Livingston.

Today, many of us are retirees and unfortunately, several of us have passed on.

Throughout our careers, travels and migrations the one thing we all have in common and continues to bring us together is;

We are the proud Livingston High School Class of 1960.

A Tribute to Jay Levine,

Several years ago five or six classmates, spread all over the country began a dialog about a class reunion. Jay lived in the bay area of San Francisco, and was one of those classmates. Nothing really became of the reunion plan. However, Jay took it upon himself to "make it happen." From April through June of 2006 Jay toured the country, at his own expense, tracking down and interviewing classmates in order to create a "virtual" reunion. Jay established a web site that clearly displayed his creative and technical talents. It was the first time classmates were able to see and hear each other in many years. At some point in the near future Jay's web site will be incorporated into this web site.

Unfortunately, Jay was diagnosed with cancer during the fall of 2006. He fought valiantly seeking out the best medical science and treatment available. In May of 2007 he succumbed to the disease.

We are in Jay's debt to continue the work he started. Not just the web site, but reuniting the LHS Class of 1960 in a Fellowship. Those of us who were part of Jay's work cherish the all-too-brief time he spent with us. He truly gave us something that is very special. His presence, friendship, talent, caring and jovial sense of humor is sorely missed. However his spirit continues on.

Many of classmates contend that if it had not been for Jay's efforts to reunite the class we would still be isolated throughout the country. The directory of classmates would not be a reality if Jay had not got the ball rolling. The 2008 Pre-Union would not have occurred. It was Jay's initiative that has brought us together, once again as a fellowship of classmates. We owe Jay a lot!

Thank you Jay Levine!

Let's not forget Ray Vezza

It is a little known fact that our late, classmate Ray Vezza was also instrumental in reuniting classmates. Although Ray graduated in 1961 we still consider him part of the Class of 1960. He not only started researching and reuniting the class of 1960 and 1961, but some earlier and later classes as well. He even organized a mini-reunion that was held in Florida in 2001.

Those of you who knew Ray knew he was a real character, had a great sense of humor and was a good friend. Ray succumbed to cancer in the spring of 2002.

He still has three-web sites that are active. You can find them on our links page or by clicking here.

Thank you, Ray Vezza!

Where we're going with this Web Site

This is a work in progress. Over the next weeks, months, years we'll be adding pages, correcting and updating pages, and perhaps adding a blog and photo gallery. This is the LHS Class of 1960 web site, your web site. Let's hear from you all what you think it should be. Send us a note at Contact Us.

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